Explosive High Definition Sound!


The motto of our brand is "Don't just hear the music - listen to it". All too often people are superficially hearing the beats and notes of the music due to poor quality earphones. Geist wants you to LISTEN to the music, to feel the passion and fervour that the artist and composers envisioned. In many cases, losing the wires means losing quality, at Geist we have a relentless obsession with providing you top quality audio without nuisance of being tied down and restricted by the traditional wired earphones.

Why Bluetooth


WHETHER travelling in a car, working out at the gym, studying in the library or simply walking around town, the versatility of using Bluetooth earphones makes sense.

BLUETOOTH earphones allow users the ability to enjoy their favourite music or videos anytime, anywhere without the inconvenience attached to traditional wired headphone units.


The biggest benefit of Bluetooth earphones & headphones is the ability to be cord-free, as well as hands free, for ultimate mobility.


How many times have the cables from your headphones caught on something, jarringly ripping the earphones from your ears, or you pulled them out of your pocket only to find a nest of cable? No cables mean zero fuss and no unwinding the knots they make in your pocket.